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946 Printhead Holds Up To 48 Pins Sold Separately

Printhead and Pins Sold Separately
Price: $2,073.00
Item Number: 946PH48
946 style Printheads are machined to ultra-high precision for ultimate printing performance, with reduced weight and improved tolerances compared to Stealth Printheads. 946 Printheads are compatible with all 946 and Stealth style Pins. The spacing of all Pins is 4.5 mm center-to-center for 384-well plate printing. The footprint of microarrays printed with 946PH4, 946PH32, 946PH48 and 946PH64 are 9 x 9 mm, 18 x 36 mm, 18 x 54 mm, and 18 x 72 mm, respectively. The number of printing cycles per 384-well plate with 946PH4, 946PH32, 946PH48 and 946PH64 are 96, 12, 8 and 6, respectively. The time to print 10,000 spots (3,300 samples in triplicate) onto 50 substrates with 946PH4, 946PH32, 946PH48 and 946PH64 is 42 hours, 5 hours, 3.4 hours, and 2.6 hours, respectively. All 946 Pins have a non out-gassing and particle-free composition compatible with class 1-10,000 cleanrooms.

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