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Human Universal Fluorescent cDNA Mixture Labeled with Cy3

Price: $444.00
Item Number: HFC3
Arrayit offers an affordable and convenient source of high complexity human fluorescent cDNA derived from total human mRNA for control hybridizations. Our 2.0 ug cDNA samples are labeled with aminoallyl modified nucleotides, conjugated to intensely fluorescent Cy3 dye, purified, quantified, and dried in 2.0 ug aliquots. Re-suspend the 2.0 ug pellet in Arrayit HybIt 2 Hybridization Solution, warm to 42°C and hybridize to H25K or other content microarrays for intensely fluorescent Cy3 signals. This product provides an excellent standard for normalization in two color experiments, 2.0 µg of dry material per tube.

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