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Barcoded SuperEpoxy Substrates (Box of 5)

Price: $119.00
Item Number: SMEFBC

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ArrayIt Brand SuperEpoxy Microarray Substrates provide the highest quality glass microarray printing substrate at an affordable price. All of our substrates are manufactured in state-of-the art class 10 cleanrooms, with 0.1 micron filtered air, and temperature and humidity control. Cleanroom manufacture eliminates contamination of the microarray surface with particulates, proteases, nucleases and other contaminants that impair the quality of microarray experimentation. Compare our SuperEpoxy Substrates to traditional microarray slides and you will see the difference.

Users will appreciate the following features of SuperEpoxy Substrates (SME):

* Manufactured in state-of-the-art class 10 microarray cleanrooms
*Free of particulate, protease and nuclease contamination
*Standard 1” x 3” size (76 x 25 x 0.96 mm)
*Precise dimensionality: 25 +/- 0.2 mm x 76 +/- 0.3 mm x 0.960 +/- 0.025 mm
*Polished flat to 50 Angstroms (20 atoms) for superior performance
*Corner chamfer (upper right corner) for unambiguous orientation
*High efficiency covalent coupling via highly reactive epoxide groups
*Protein coupling via surface lysine and arginine residues
*Supports both contact printing and ink-jet printing
*Protein coupling complete within minutes after printing
*No cross-linking or baking required for coupling
*“Zero” background fluorescence
*Optimal reactive group density of 5 x 1012 reactive groups per mm2
*Uniform epoxide density of +/-5% across the substrate
*Print proteins, enzymes, antibodies, receptors, antigens, and peptides
*Print pure proteins, recombinant proteins and cellular extracts
*Uniform feature size
*25 substrates per box
*Anti-static and impact resistant packaging
*Three month shelf life at room temperature.

Additional Information

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