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SuperBiotin 2 SuperMask 24 Microarray Substrate Slides (Box of 5)

Price: $362.00
Item Number: SMBT2M24F
ArrayIt® SuperBiotin 2 SuperMask 24 Microarray Substrate Slides contain a highly uniform biotin treatment covalently bound to an atomically flat glass substrate slide that contains a 24-well hydrophobic mask. SuperBiotin 2 SuperMask 24 provides a universal high-capacity avidin- and streptavidin-binding surface for DNA and protein microarray applications and many other life sciences applications that require a avidin- and streptavidin-binding surface. The open platform 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slide format renders SuperBiotin 2 Microarray Substrate Slides compatible with all standard microarrayers and scanners. The surface density of biotin molecules on SuperBiotin 2 SuperMask 24 is 2.2 x 10^11 biotins per mm2. Box of 5 slides.
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