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Array Plate Multi-Well Microarray Hybridization Station, 4 Plate System

Price: $8,682.00
Item Number: MMHS4
Arrayit offers the market's finest Array Plate Microarray Hybridization Stations for Multi-Well Microarray Hybridization Cassettes including the AHC4x16 and AHC4x24 cassettes. Digital control and Peltier-cooling enable temperature control from 6-105°C and orbital mixing from 300-1,500 rpm for automated mixing and reactivity of DNA, protein, peptide, antibody, carbohydrate and other types of microarrays. This affordable and automated hybridization station speeds high-throughput sample analysis for gene expression, genotyping, serum diagnostics, protein profiling and comparative genomic hybridization from samples prepared by whole genome amplification (WGA), RNA amplification and other sources. This 4 plate system is 110 volt and 220 volt compliant in a highly compact footprint for research, pharmaceutical development, diagnostics, life sciences and core laboratories use.

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