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Arrayit InnoScan® 710IR Infrared Microarray Laser Scanner with 3 µm Resolution

Price: $49,978.00
Item Number: 710IR
ArrayIt® InnoScan® 710IR infrared microarray scanners are the fastest high-resolution 2 color confocal fluorescent infrared microarray scanners available. Dual detection channels at 670 nm (AlexaFluor 680, AlexaFluor 700, IRDye 680, IR‐Dye 700, Dylight‐680, Cy5.5, Dy‐680) and 785 nm (AlexaFluor 790, IRDye 800, DyLight‐800, Cy7, Dye‐782, Dye‐776) allow two-color scanning of an entire glass substrate slide in approximately 3 minutes and 24 substrate slides in a fully automated manner in 100 minutes using the new InnoScan® 710IRAL. Scanning resolution is adjustable from 3 µm to 40 µm, making it perfect for high-, medium- and low-density infrared microarrays. Dynamic auto focusing guarantees uniform scanning across the entire chip surface. Mapix® Software allows real-time adjustment of scanning intensity, easy channel balancing, data quantitation and data export. This network compatible Windows and Linux system is the most compact laser scanner on the market and weighs only 16 kg.

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