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Microarray Cleanroom Particle Counter

Price: $5,328.00
Item Number: MCPC
TeleChem's ArrayItTM Microarray Cleanroom Particle Counters (MCPC and MCPC220) provides the world's most sophisticated, laser-based, hand-held cleanroom particle counter at an affordable price. Every particle counter is programmed, calibrated and tested in a state-of-the art class 1 cleanroom. Cleanroom testing eliminates variability and uncertainty and saves time. Compare our particle counter with other commercial counters and you will see the difference.

Microprocessor control for ultimate performance
Counting precision of 10 %
Laser diode detection for highly accurate readings
Rapid sample flow rate of 0.1 cfu (0.1 ft3 per min)
Detects 0.5 m and 0.7 m particles simultaneously
Wide ambient operating temperature (15-30C)
Hand-held, portable operation for ease-of-use
A/C or battery operation for convenience
Available with 110 or 220 volt AC adaptor
Automatic mode for simple 4-step operation (see Figs. 2-5)
Arrives programmed, calibrated and tested
Arrives free of biological and particulate contaminants
Ultra-low emission of volatile organics
Small (17 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm; L, W, H) and lightweight (1.0 kg)
Can be connected to computers and printers
Digital readout simplifies use
Vast improvement over older cleanroom particle counters
Based on years of intensive microarray cleanroom R&D
Anti-static packaging eliminates electrostatic contamination
Can also be used to count particles in traditional research laboratories
The standard in the microarray industry. Due to the exacting nature of these products and the high level of quality control and quality assurance required, all Arrayit cleanroom product sales are final and non-refundable.

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