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Microarray Cleanroom Wipes Sterile, Pack of 100

Price: $207.00
Item Number: MCWS
Arrayit Microarray Cleanroom Wipes Sterile (MCWS) provide the highest quality polyknit cleanroom wipes at an affordable price. All of our cleanroom wipes are manufactured in state-of-the art class 1 cleanrooms. Cleanroom manufacture eliminates contamination of the wipes with particulates, proteases, nucleases and other contaminants that impair the quality of microarray experimentation observed if non-cleanroom wipes are used . Compare our cleanroom wipes with traditional laboratory wipes and you will see the difference.

Users will appreciate the following features of Microarray Cleanroom Wipes (MCW):

-Manufactured in state-of-the-art class 1 cleanrooms
-Free of particulates, proteases and nucleases
-Ultra-low emission of volatile organics
-Convenient 9" x 9" size (22.9 x 22.9 x 1 mm)
-Polyknit composition prevents fiber shedding
-Heat sealed edges prevent fraying
-Bright white fabric assists in the identification of spills and residues
-High absorbency fabric maximizes cleaning effectiveness
-Use for cleaning substrates, pins, cassettes, and other microarray implements
-Use for packaging and protecting fragile microarray products
-Compatible with all microarray cleanroom environments
-Vast improvement over traditional laboratory and cleanroom wipes
-Based on years of intensive microarray cleanroom R&D
-Durable and chemically-resistant composition
-No tearing with normal use
-Affordable price of 65 cents per wipe
-150 wipes per package
-Anti-static packaging eliminates electrostatic contamination
-Dual packaging allows easy surface de-contamination prior to use
-Can also be used in traditional, non-cleanroom laboratories
-One year shelf life at room temperature
-Sterile. Due to the exacting nature of these products and the high level of quality control and quality assurance required, all Arrayit cleanroom product sales are final and non-refundable.

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