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Microarray Microplate 96, (4 x 24)

Price: $563.00
Item Number: MMH4X24
The Microplate Microarray Hardware provides 96 separate wells for microarrays on using 4 microscope slide size pieces of glass, such as SuperAmine, SuperEpoxy and SuperAldehyde substrates. The polished atomically flat glass plates are treated with our advanced surface chemistries and are detachable from the chamber for superior printing and scanning flexibility. Each printable location is 7.7 mm x 7.7 mm for maximum printability and is compatible with all robotic liquid handling systems. Using standard 150 ┬Ám spot spacing, each of the 96 locations accommodates up to 1,500 printed spots for a total of 144,000 spots per 96-well microplate.

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