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FlowTest™ Microarray Microfluidics Controller

Price: $3,377.00
Item Number: FTCDS
The FlowTest™ is an fully automated and programmable controller that operates up to eight fluidic or microfluidic control components. It is adapted for use with pumps and valves that are actuated with a 12 or 24 Volt voltage, such as Lee, Takasago, Burkert, Bio-Chem Fluidics and other solenoid valve and pump manufacturers. These components can be run in parallel or independent of one another. Programming is carried out on a computer, using the dedicated CosDesigner™ software. This programming tool is ideal for the development of new procedures that require liquid displacement, sampling, and injection. Multiple programs can be set up, stored and managed. The users can effortlessly retrieve and run their programs. The field of use spans laboratory and industrial applications requiring precise liquid transfers. For example, the FlowTest™ will prove an invaluable asset in many quality testing applications.

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