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Arrayit PipetteIt™ 8-Channel High-Speed Dispenser

Price: $1,486.00
Item Number: PPIT
Arrayit PipetteIt™ 8-Channel High-Speed Dispenser is a versatile, robust and affordable manual dispenser featuring a 1,000 ml buffer reservoir, adjustable dispense head and 8-channel dispense nozzles spaced at 9.0 mm centers compliant with the standard 96-well microplate format. The dispense volume is adjustable from 0.1-3.0 ml per nozzle per dispense cycle to support a wide gamut of microarray assays formatted in the 96-well format including Arrayit 4X24 Hybridization Cassettes, 96-well microplates and other laboratory hardware configured in the 96-well footprint. PipetteIt™ is an ideal laboratory dispensing device for research, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and other life sciences applications requiring rapid, accurate and affordable liquid dispensing.

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