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SpotBot® Titan Protein Edition Microarray Arrayer

Price: $106,549.00
Item Number: SBTPRO
Arrayit SpotBot® Titan Protein Edition High-Capacity Microarray Arrayers enable high-throughput protein microarray manufacturing with 48 microarray pins, professional printhead, 144 glass substrate slides, three 384-well microplates, megasonic pin cleaning with ambient and deck cooling for DNA and protein microaray manufacturing applications that builds on the 10-year SpotBot® microarrayer legacy and 380 instrument installations worldwide. SpotBot® Titan Protein Microarrayers are highly recommended for research laboratories and core facilities with high-throughput printing applications and affordability as a key manufacturing driver. Constructed from space-age alloys and utilizing Arrayit’s patented contact printing technology, these systems offer high-speed and user-friendly microarray manufacturing at an affordable price. SpotBot® Titan Protein Edition has compact physical height x depth x width dimensions of 114 x 76 x 31 cm (45 x 30 x 12") and weighs only 36 kg (80 lb). SBXPRO systems include chiller bath, 5 liters of liquid coolant, 48 microarray printing pins (946MP3), 16 test pins, 4 anti-vibration instrument pads, professional series 48-position printhead, 12 built-in substrate slide locators, Protein Printing Buffer (PPB), SuperEpoxy 3 Microarray Substrate Slides, Accessory Control Module (ACM) that includes humidity control, peristaltic pump, air compressor, wash buffer reservoir, wash waste reservoir, Arrayit Bioinformatics Mini Computer, 23" LED flat panel display, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and Ethernet cable.

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