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Arrayit HuProt™ v2.0 19K Human Proteome Microarray Services

Price: $1,881.00
Item Number: HP19KS
Arrayit HuProt™ v2.0 19K Human Proteome Microarrays contain 19,275 human proteins representing most of the human proteome and 119 mouse proteins for 19,394 total proteins. All major protein functional families are represented for protein-protein, small molecule-protein, antibody binding specificity, immune profiling, DNA and RNA binding studies on a proteomic scale, advanced contact printing technology and proprietary surface chemistry, cold room manufacturing and linear drive robotics, universal 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slide format, one HuProt™ v2.0 19K microarray and one 24 x 60 mm lifter slip coverslip per kit. Complete microarray services include customer sample preparation, reaction, processing, washing, scanning, data quantification and data analysis.

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