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SuperStreptavidin Barcoded Microarray Substrate Slides (Box of 25)

Price: $557.00
Item Number: SMSBC
Arrayit SuperStreptavidin Microarray Substrate Slides contain a highly uniform streptavidin treatment covalently bound to activated atomically smooth glass substrate slides, affording a universal high-capacity biotin-binding surface for DNA, oligonucleotides, peptides, antigens, antibodies, carbohydrates, small molecules, cell extracts and many other life sciences applications that require a biotin binding surface. The 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slides contain polished edges and a corner chamfer for unambiguous orientation. SuperStreptavidin Microarray Substrate Slides are compatible with all standard microarrayers and scanners. The 1.1 x 10^10 per mm^2 streptavidin proteins surface density provides high signal strength and low background. Class 1 cleanroom manufacturing and packaging ensures optimal quality and performance. Box of 25 barcoded.

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