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SuperAmine Substrates (Box of 25)

Price: $326.00
Item Number: SMM

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SuperAmine Substrates are manufactured in state-of-the-art class 1 cleanrooms, using the most advanced procedures and surface chemistries in the world. The glass substrates are cut to precision dimensions (25 mm x 76 mm ± 300 µm) and polished to optical flatness with a surface variability of about 25 angstroms. The thickness of 0.935 mm is intentionally undersized to allow for optional bar coding, while maintaining the 1 mm thickness required for automation hardware. SuperAmine Substrates contain covalent amine groups (1.5 x 1013 per cm2) on linker arms that allow stable attachment of nucleic acids (cDNAs and oligos), proteins, small molecules, extracts and cells via electrostatic bonding with the positively charged amine groups. Coupling is achieved by treatment in a drying oven (80°C for 80 min) or by cross-linking with ultraviolet light. The "zero background" intrinsic fluorescence enables the greatest detectivity (sensitivity) of any substrate available and the surface is the most "user friendly" on the market. SuperAmine Substrates are compatible with all commercial microarray printing and detection systems, and are offered at a price that would be hard to duplicate at ten times the cost!! International pricing may vary by 10 to 20% due to costs associated with import taxes, duties, customs clearance and shipping.

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