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SuperClean SuperMask 16 Microarray Substrate Slides (Box of 5)

Price: $113.00
Item Number: SMCFM16
The SuperClean microarray substrate product line provides the basis for all our microarray surface chemistry products. This is the only microarray substrate line in the world that is polished to atomic smoothness of <±20 angstroms, providing the most homogenous surface available in the industry. SuperMask™ Substrates provide superior homogenous topography for DNA and protein microarray applications. SuperMask™ Substrates are designed to empower processing and analysis of multiple samples of 16 or 24 individual microarray experiments on a single microarray substrate slide, 25 x 76 mm. Manufactured and packaged in class 1 cleanrooms using the most advanced procedures. These substrates are packed in white slide boxes, vacuum packed and should be stored at 4 C.

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