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Upgrade to SpotBot® 3 Personal Desktop Microarrayer Protein Edition

Price: $17,256.00
Item Number: UG3SPRO
The Arrayit UG3SPRO upgrade program allows any SpotBot®, SpotBot® PRO, SpotBot®2, or SpotBot®2 PRO customer to upgrade their current system to the SpotBot®3 Personal Microarrayer Protein Edition specification. The upgrade includes a complete replacement of the overhead gantry, as well as a cooled platen, chiller unit, humidity control, refurbished wash station, professional series printhead, system cleaning, and system testing. The SPA3PRO specification provides for greater printing precision and reliability than the earlier SPA, SPAPRO, SPA2, and SPA2PRO instruments. Customers must install new calibration files and software (provided) prior to use. International pricing may vary up to 30% due to costs associated with import taxes, duties, customs clearance and shipping.

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