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SpotBot® 3 Professional Series Microarray Printhead 4

Price: $1,251.00
Item Number: PROPH4
SpotBot® 3 Professional Series Printhead 4 for the world's most widely used personal microarrayers, desktop microarray printing, utilizing advanced micro-robotics to ensure accuracy, ease-of-operation and affordability. SpotBot® 3 prints 1,000 samples onto 14 substrates in duplicate in 2 hours using 4 of Arrayit's patented Professional, 946 or Stealth microarray printing pins. SpotBot® 3 is the perfect compliment to any microarray core facility and the ideal personal microarrayer for research and R&D. Professional Series 4 Printheads have high-precision pin apertures for a 4-pin capacity, superior printing precision and reduced friction. International pricing may vary up to 30% due to costs associated with import taxes, duties, customs clearance and shipping.

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