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SuperAmine SuperMask 64 (Box of 5)

Price: $160.00
Item Number: SMMFM64
This surface starts with Arrayit SuperClean 2 glass, then it is activated with SuperAmine. SuperAmine substrate slides are ideal for researchers and microarray manufacturing organizations engaged in oligonucleotide and cDNA microarray printing. SuperMask™ Substrates provide superior homogenous topography for DNA and protein microarray applications. SuperMask™ Substrates are designed to empower processing and analysis of multiple samples of 48, 64, 192 individual microarray experiments on a single microarray substrate slide, 25 x 76 mm. Manufactured and packaged in class 1 cleanrooms using the most advanced procedures. These substrates are packed in white slide boxes, vacuum packed and should be stored at 4 C.

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