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aRNA Synthesis Kit

Price: $1,170.00
Item Number: ASK
This kit is optimized to use 50ng-1ug of total cellular RNA as starting material. The process includes the following steps:
1. First Strand cDNA Synthesis
2. Second Strand cDNA Synthesis
3. Amplification of ds cDNA
4. Purification of ds cDNA
5. In Vitro Transcription with T7 RNA Polymerase Featuring T7 Booster, a proprietary blend of enhancers to augment the polymerase activity resulting in an increase in both the yield and the amount of full-length transcripts. Special proteins are added into this enhancer mix that protects the nascent RNA strand during synthesis.
6. RNA Purification
If used properly this kit will generate 5-250ug of amplified anti-sense mRNA (aRNA) ready for labeling.

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