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Blockit Plus Microarray Blocking Buffer 250 ml (1X)

Price: $364.00
Item Number: BKTP
Blockit Plus blocking buffer works when Blockit is found not to be robust enough. It is designed for blocking the portions of microarrays that are still reactive after printing to eliminate fluorescent background following the incubation or hybridization reaction of protein and DNA microarrays. Users will appreciate the following features:

Ultra-pure reagents used for buffer formulation
Purified by sterile filtration
Provided as 1X ready to use concentrate
Recommended for use on SuperEpoxy, but compatible with other protein or DNA microarray glass microarray surface chemistries such as SuperNitro
Easy coverslip or tray based blocking procedure
250 ml volume provided efficiently blocks thousands of microarrays
Will not react with proteins and DNA Ships overnight on wet ice.

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