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Custom Microarray Printing Services eChips

Price: $208.00
Item Number: eChips
Arrayit eChips Services provide unprecedented access to microarray content by uniting the power of microarray technology with extensive electronic sequence databases, Arrayit makes microarrays affordable, versatile and easy to use. Every microarray is manufactured in a class 1 cleanroom using linear drive robotics, patented contact printing technology, and the most advanced surfaces and coupling chemistries in the industry. Our particle- and ribonuclease-free manufacturing laboratories provide microarrays of unsurpassed quality. eChips allow customers to mine existing databases for sequences of interest and send them by electronic mail for microarraying. Synthesized oligonucleotides and peptides are printed on polished, atomically flat glass substrate slides with amine, aldehyde, epoxy and other surface treatments. eChips allow researchers to create a nearly infinite variety of microarrays for basic research, clinical, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications. Because the customer performs all of the steps downstream of manufacturing, the data remain completely confidential. Imagine any nucleic acid or peptide molecule, from any organism, for any application on a pristine surface and you are beginning to understand the breadth and depth of our Custom Microarray Services. Arrayit eChips set a new standard in microarray technology.

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