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Arrayit GenePix Microarray Laser Scanner

Price: $16,500.00
Item Number: GPIX
Arrayit GenePix Microarray Laser Scanners feature premium quality pre-owned compact desktop fluorescence microarray laser scanners at a fraction of the cost of a new scanner. Arrayit GenePix systems include the microarray scanner, GenePix Pro controller and quantification software, personal computer with screen and security dongle, and all power cords and cables for immediate use and operation in your laboratory. Arrayit GenePix systems are configured using GenePix 4000A, GenePix 4000B, GenePix 4100A, GenePix 4200A, GenePix 4300A and GenePix 4400A scanners with 2.5-10 µm scan resolution, glass slide format (1 x 25 x 76 mm), maximum scan area of 22 x 72 mm, 2-4 color excitation and detection (488, 532, 594, 635 nm), adjustable laser and scan gain settings, 4 minute scan times (10 µm resolution), 16-bit tag image format file (TIFF), loadable GenePix Analysis Language (GAL) files for data analysis and a one-year warranty. Final system pricing based on actual scanner model and features, one scanner package per order.
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