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Arrayit InnoScan® 1100AL Three-Color 0.5 µM Fluorescence Microarray Scanner with Autoloader

Price: $116,160.00
Item Number: 1100AL
Characterized by ease of use, performance and versatility, the Arrayit InnoScan 1100AL is an ideal instrument for high density DNA, protein, tissue and whole cell microarrays and one-, two- and three-color applications. The 24-substrate slide autoloader 1100AL features a market-leading 0.5 µm scan resolution equivalent to a 20x optical objective, high speed 3.5 min per slide 10 µm scan time, reliable and traceable results with barcode reading, real-time auto-focusing, confocal PMT detection, user-friendly Mapix image acquisition and analysis software, and proprietary high-speed Arrayit BioBlue Computing to manage the 22.96 GB data files produced by 0.5 µm scanning.

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