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Whole Blood Collection Complete Kit

Price: $1,082.00
Item Number: DBSK
Arrayit whole human blood collection cards facilitate the collection, sampling and storage of whole blood and serum components for protein microarrays, immunoassays, allergy testing and other downstream applications that require high quality whole blood samples. Cards contain 4 x 12.5 mm circles on a proprietary collection matrix to enable the collection of 4 x 2-3 drops (50 ┬Ál) of whole blood in each of the 4 collection regions. Buffers, columns, lancets, and collection kits simplify the rapid and affordable deployment of Arrayit whole blood cards for a wide range of life sciences, research, veterinary medicine and pathology applications. Whole blood cards and kits are particularly especially useful in protein microarray and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) applications that have traditionally used purified serum as the sample type. Private labeling is available for large accounts. Arrayit Whole Blood Collection Complete Kit including 100 Whole Blood Collection Cards, 100 Spin Columns, 100 1.5 ml Collection Tubes, 50 ml of 1X Elution Buffer, 50 ml of 1X Reaction Buffer, and 1 12.5 mm Disc Punch.

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