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Microarray cleanroom suits -Size XX LARGE-1

Price: $46.00
Item Number: MCSXXL
TeleChem's ArrayItTM Microarray Cleanroom Suits (MCSS, MCSM, and MCSL, MCSXL and MCSXXXL) provide the highest quality synthetic, high-performance cleanroom suits at an affordable price. All of our cleanroom suits are manufactured in state-of-the art class 1 cleanrooms. Cleanroom manufacturing eliminates contamination of the suits with particulates, fibers, proteases, nucleases and other contaminants that impair the quality of microarray experimentation if non-cleanroom suits are used. Compare our cleanroom suits with traditional laboratory coats and gowns and you will see the difference.

Users will appreciate the following features of Microarray Cleanroom Suits (MCSS, MCsM, and MCSL, and MCSXL):

* Manufactured in state-of-the-art class 1 cleanrooms
* Free of particulates, fibers and biological contaminants
* Ultra-low emission of volatile organics
* Four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large) to fit all cleanroom personnel
* Convenient single suit per package
* 100% high-tech synthetic composition
* Zippered front for easy donning and changing
* Attached hood and boots for the ultimate in cleanroom protection
* Elastic wrist and ankle bands provide snug fit
* Use for a wide variety of cleanroom manufacturing needs
* Compatible with all microarray cleanroom environments
* Vast improvement over traditional laboratory coats and cleanroom gowns
* Based on years of intensive microarray cleanroom R&D
* Durable and chemically-resistant fabric
* No tearing with normal use, and highly affordable
* Anti-static packaging eliminates electrostatic contamination
* Can also be used in traditional, non-cleanroom laboratories
* Disposable
* One year shelf life at room temperature
 . Due to the exacting nature of these products and the high level of quality control and quality assurance required, all Arrayit cleanroom product sales are final and non-refundable.

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