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Microarray Analysis Textbook, by Mark Schena, Ph.D.

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Dr. Mark Schena, under the direction of Wiley Science Editor Dr. Luna Han, explores the full gamut of subject areas in biology's hottest field with vivid clarity and detail. Microarray Analysis, the first textbook on the subject by the world's leading authority, will be available for the fall 2002 semester. Order now to guarantee availability for your fall classes!

16 chapters
225 end-of-chapter questions
365 illustrations
42 tables
796 glossary terms
>2,000 citations
Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Microarray Analysis
Chapter 2. Introduction to chemistry
Chapter 3. Basics of biochemistry
Chapter 4. Genes and genomes
Chapter 5. Microarray surfaces
Chapter 6. Targets and probes
Chapter 7. Microarray manufacturing
Chapter 8. Microarray detection
Chapter 9. Microarray informatics
Chapter 10. Methodological architecture
Chapter 11. Cleanroom technology
Chapter 12. Gene expression profiling
Chapter 13. Genetic Screening and diagnostics
Chapter 14. Novel microarray technologies
Chapter 15. Commercial opportunities A to Z
Chapter 16. Future trends: Chips in the clinics?

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