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Microarray Biochip Technology

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Microarray Biochip Technology
Edited by Mark Schena,PH.D.
Published by Eaton Publishing


Chapter 1. Technology Standards for Microarray Research
Mark Schena and Ronald W. Davis

Chapter 2. Microfluidic Technologies and Instrumentation for Printing DNA Microarrays
Don Rose

Chapter 3. Novel Microarray Printing and Detection Technologies
Myles L. Mace, Jr., Jean Montagu, Stanley D. Rose, and Greg McGuinness

Chapter 4. A Systems Approach to Fabricating and Analyzing DNA Microarrays
Jennifer Worley, Kate Bechtol, Sharron Penn, David Roach, David Hanzel, Mary Trounstine, and David Barker

Chapter 5. The Flow-Thru ChipTM: A Three-Dimensional Biochip Platform
Adam Steel, Matt Torres, John Hartwell, Yong-Yi Yu, Nan Tring, Glenn Hoke, and Hongjun Yang

Chapter 6. Large-Scale Genomic Analysis Using Affymetrix GeneChipR Probe Arrays
Janet A. Warrington, Suzanne Dee, and Mark Trulson

Chapter 7. Technology and Applications of Gene Expression Microarrays
Elisabeth Evertsz, Pascual Starink, Robert Gupta, and Drew Watson

Chapter 8. Information Processing Issues and Solutions Associated with Microarray Technology
Yi-Xiong Zhou, Peter Kalocsai, Jing-Ying Chen, and Soheil Shams

Chapter 9. Microarray Tools, Kits, Reagents, and Services
Todd Martinsky and Paul Haje

Chapter 10. MICROMAXTM: A Highly Sensitive System for Differential Gene Expression on Microarrays
Karl Adler, Jeffrey Broadbent, Russell Garlick, Richard Joseph, Anis Khimani, Alvydas Mikulskis, Peter Rapiejko, and Jeffrey Killian

Chapter 11. Production of Microarrays on Porous Substrates Using Noncontact Piezoelectric Dispensing
David Englert

Chapter 12. Arrayed Primer Extension on the DNA Chip: Method and Applications
Neeme Tonisson, Ants Kurg, Elin Lohmussaar, and Andres Metspalu

Chapter 13. Overview of a Microarray Scanner: Design Essentials for an Integrated Acquisition and Analysis Platform
Trent Basarsky, Damian Verdnik, Jack Ye Zhai, and David Wellis

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