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Buffers and Solutions

Protein Microarray Buffers
Buffers and Solutions for Protein Microarrays
Blocking Solutions
Sophisticated blocking solutions formulated to inactive microarray surfaces prior to protein binding and nucleic acid hybridization reactions.
Hybridization Buffers and Probes
Sophisticated hybridization solutions and fluorescent probe mixtures for nucleic acid microarrays.
Spotting Solutions
Advanced solutions formulated to stabilize samples and provide "perfect spots" during DNA and protein microarray manufacturing.
Microarray Wash Buffers
Arrayit Microarray Wash Buffers are used for a wide variety of cDNA and oligonucleotide microarray applications including USDA Food Safety Testing.
SpotBot Wash Buffer (1X)
SpotBotĀ® Wash Buffer is packaged in 1 liter bottles as a 1X solution that arrives pre-made and ready to use. Ideal for both peristaltic flow non-sonic wash stations and wash stations equipped with ultrasonic and megasonic transducers.
Micro Cleaning Solution
Concentrated cleaning solution designed for sonic cleaning of microarray printing pins.
Microarray Instrument Cleaners
High-performance instrument cleaners
ACS and USP Grade Solvents and other Fine Chemicals
Microarray Stripping Buffers A, B and C were formulated to allow removal ("stripping") of fluorescent probe molecules from oligonucleotide microarrays post-hybridization and scanning. MSA, MSB and MSB are ideal for quality control purposes and microarray
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