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SpotBot® 4 Personal Desktop Microarrayers Megasonic Option

Price: $3,853.00
Item Number: SPA4M
Arrayit SpotBot® 4 Personal Microarrayers Megasonic Option provide the market's most advanced personal microarrayers with advanced megasonic pin cleaning wash station, featuring our patented contact printing technology installed in more than 4,200 laboratories worldwide. SpotBot® 4 Microarrayers empower DNA, oligonucleotide, amplicon, BAC, antibody, antigen, peptide, carbohydrate, small molecule, lipid, cell extract and whole cell microarray manufacturing in minutes on your desktop for genotyping, gene expression, protein expression profiling, protein binding, and myriad other microarray applications. Large OEM arrangements permit the integration of your microarray manufacturing application into our time-tested personal microarray platform. SpotBot® 4 systems include a BioBlue personal computer, LED display, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, cables and accessories for easy installation. Megasonic Option includes a megasonic controller added to the Accessory Control Module (ACM), megasonic connecting wire to connect the ACM to a fitting on the SpotBot® 4 instrument wash station containing a megasonic transducer disc to increase the efficiency of pin cleaning for protein microarray and other demanding applications.

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