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Microarray Hybridization Cassette AHC1 x 24

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Item Number: AHC1X24

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Arrayit AHC1X24 Hybridization Cassettes enable up to 24 hybridization or protein microarray reactions in a 3 x 8 format. AHC1X24 holds 1 standard glass substrate slide (1 x 25 x 76 mm) and uses a silicone gasket to create 24 individual reaction areas for up to 24 simultaneous microarray reactions. This hybridization cassette utilizes a compression-fit silicone gasket to separate the microarray reaction areas, eliminating the need for contaminating adhesives and inks. The 7.5 mm x 6.5 mm reaction areas are configured at 9 mm center-to-center spacing in the 3 x 8 format for compatibility with all multi-channel pipettes or automated liquid handling robots and workstations. AHC1X24 is precision-machined from durable, flat high-grade aluminum to ensure proper alignment and leak-proof fit. The top portion of the cassette is engraved with a 1-3 number panel across the top and an A-H letter panel down the left side for unambiguous identification of each of the 24 subgrids. A silicone septa mat is used to seal the loading ports to prevent evaporation during use. Each AHC1X24 includes a anodize aluminum top and bottom, a 3 x 8 well silicone gasket, and a septa mat for sealing.

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