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Peristaltic Pump for the SpotBot® Microarrayers

Price: $2,058.00
Item Number: PPS
Click "View more Images" above to see a photograph of the back of a SpotBot® Personal Microarrayer including the accessories. The translucent wash buffer reservoir, orange air compressor for the dry station, silver peristaltic pump for the wash station, silver megasonic power supply and humidification system including the orange air compressor and humidification reservoir are shown correctly configured behind the instrument. The COM cable, power supply, dry station fitting (red), wash buffer fitting (white), waste buffer outtake (blue), and humidification tubing are shown correctly attached to the back of the instrument. The modular and compact accessories design improves system utility and performance and simplifies maintenance and repair. The SpotBot®2 Protein Edition Microarrayer is configured similarly except that the humidification is replaced by dehumidification (see Figure 9) and a chilller bath is added for deck cooling.

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