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Poly-L-Lysine 2 Microarray Substrate Slides (Box of 25)

Price: $163.00
Item Number: PLL2
Arrayit Poly-L-Lysine 2 Microarray Substrate Slides (Box of 25) provide an educational grade, affordable poly-L-lysine microarray slide surface featuring a positively-charged poly-L-lysine surface coating with a high electrostatic binding capacity for negatively charged printed molecules including DNA and proteins. Arrayit PLL2 offers low background fluorescence for DNA and protein microarray applications. This educational grade product has no quality guarantee and is offered on an "as is" basis without a refund. Slides conform to the standard glass slide microarray format (1 x 25 x 76 mm) and feature ground edges and a corner chamfer for unambiguous side- and end-orientation. Arrayit PLL2 is shipped in white slide boxes, sealed in silver anti-static envelopes, 25 slides per box.
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