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Protein Printing Buffer Plus 2X (50 ml)

Price: $255.00
Item Number: PRP
The Arrayit Protein Printing Buffer Plus (PRP) is an advanced buffering system containing a proprietary mixture of ionic and polymeric materials. A specially formulated buffer for microarray manufacturing of dilution series control proteins on SuperEpoxy 2 and 3 Microarray Surface Chemistry. Not for use on membrane surfaces.

Users will appreciate the following features of Protein Printing Buffer (PPB)

*Supports multiple printing technologies (contact printing and ink-jetting)
*Print proteins, enzymes, antibodies, receptors, antigens, and peptides
*Washes away during blocking and processing
*Manufacture microarrays of pure proteins, recombinant proteins and cellular extracts
*Stabilizes protein samples and prevents denaturation
*Stabilizes protein samples and prevents denaturation
*Provides uniform feature size and coupling density
*Promotes protein coupling to the microarray substrate
*Protects printed samples from environmental damage
*Slows sample evaporation within the source microplates
*Minimizes sample drying and crystallization on substrates and pins
*Washes away easily, leaving pure bound protein molecules
*Improves deposition uniformity which facilitates data analysis
*Arrives pre-mixed as a 2X solution, sterile and protease-free
*Sufficient to print 50 million protein features (5,000 10K protein arrays.

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