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Arrayit Rare Disease Analysis

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Item Number: RDA
Arrayit offers the market's first service dedicated exclusively to elucidating rare human diseases. Rare (orphan) diseases are conditions presenting in a small percentage of the population, typically from 1 in 1,000-200,000 persons. More than 3,100 rare diseases have been identified but in many cases the molecular details are poorly understood. We deploy our patented and proprietary microarray platform on a genomic scale to elucidate the molecular basis of any rare disease quickly and efficiently. Control and test samples of mRNA are compared to produce a gene expression signature for each disease. Gene expression data are then examined computationally using advanced mathematics to produce a "best-fit" biological pathway. Multiple H25K Whole Genome Microarrays and "dye swap" analyses ensure comprehensive genomic coverage and definitive functional results. The sensitivity and specificity of our microarray platform enables a deeper examination of the transcriptome than competing platforms and a more complete understanding of rare diseases.

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