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Rat Discover Chips

Price: $163.00
Item Number: DCR
Arrayit Discover Chips Rat microarrays contain 380 rat gene sequences selected from 30 major functional gene categories for broad survey coverage of physiological and transcriptional information in rat samples. Rat Discover Chips offer a high quality and affordable solution to obtaining rat gene expression data for grants, scientific publications and training purposes in a convenient open platform 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slide format (1 chip per kit). Rat discover chips are also widely used to qualify RNA and cDNA samples prior to hybridization with genomic microarrays. Rat Discover Chips contain each sequence printed in duplicate using Arrayit's patented contact printing technology for superior signal strength and low background noise. Compatible for Arrayit's complete line of instruments, tools, kits, reagents and consummables.

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