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SpotBot®2 Upgrade

Price: $7,750.00
Item Number: UG2S
Complete cleaning, complete refurbishing, and extensive software and hardware upgrade for all SpotBot® Systems including SpotBot®, SpotBot® Complete, and SpotBot® Protein Edition. The Upgrade includes robot disassembly, robot cleaning, inspection and replacement of all worn parts (except Pins and Printheads), replacement and upgrading of main CPU drive board, replacement and upgrading of motor drive boards, motor and linear actuator re-greasing, wash station replacement and upgrading, robot housing cleaning and polishing, complete reassembly, complete system testing, software version 3.0, and compatibility with sophisticated future hardware offerings including computer-controlled Peltier cooling, humidification, wash station megasonics and other features. The Upgrade provides increased printing reliability, increased printing precision, better performance on extended print runs, and enhanced Pin cleaning for reduced cross-contamination. The Upgrade restores and improves the performance of all SpotBot® Systems, and extends SpotBot® longevity at a fraction of the cost of SpotBot® 2.

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