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SuperEpoxy 2 SuperMask 192 Microarray Substrate Slides (Box of 5)

Price: $188.00
Item Number: SME2FM192
SuperEpoxy 2 Microarray Substrates are manufactured to “open platform” dimensions (25 x 76 mm), cleaned at the atomic level in state-of-the-art class 1 cleanrooms, and treated with our ultra-pure epoxy surface chemistry for highly-reactive covalent coupling efficiency and low background. Heat-sealing in anti-static packaging improves shelf life and eliminates electrostatic accumulation. SuperEpoxy 2 Substrates have a proprietary corner chamfer for unambiguous side and end orientation, which greatly improves usability during manufacturing. SuperEpoxy 2 products outperform standard optical quality glass from other vendors and are the substrates of choice for high-density protein microarray manufacturing applications using contact and non-contact printing methods. SuperMask™ Substrates are designed to empower processing and analysis of multiple samples of 48, 64, 192 individual microarray experiments on a single microarray substrate slide, 25 x 76 mm. These substrates are packed in white slide boxes, vacuum packed and should be stored at 4 C.

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