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SpotBot® Extreme Microarray Spotter Wash Buffer, 4 Liters of 1X Solution

Price: $458.00
Item Number: WBX
Arrayit SpotBot® Extreme Microarray Spotters are the finest microarrayers on the market, with an instrument capacity of one 384-well source microplate, 16 microarray printing pins and 28 glass substrate slides (25 x 76 mm). SpotBot® Extreme extends the legacy of the industry-leading SpotBot® instruments, with 356 installations worldwide since being introduced in 2001. SBX is equipped with megasonic pin cleaning, wash and dry station, magnetic door sensors, high-performance professional series printhead, intuitive graphical user interface, a heavy duty gantry, and advanced robotics to ensure accuracy, ease-of-operation and affordability in microarray printing. SpotBot® Extreme prints 10,000 samples onto 28 substrates in 12 hours using 16 Arrayit patented 946 Micro Spotting Pins. SpotBot® Extreme is the perfect microarrayer for research laboratories and core facilities seeking greater speed and throughput while maintaining compactness, portability and affordability. SpotBot® Extreme has compact physical height x depth x width dimensions of 27 x 30 x 54 cm (10 x 12 x 21") and weighs only 11.4 kg (24 lb). SpotBot® Extreme systems include 16 microarray printing pins (946MP4), 1 test pin, 4 anti-vibration instrument pads, professional series 16-position printhead, 2 L-bracket substrate slide locators, Micro Spotting Solution Plus (MSP) print buffer, SuperEpoxy 3 Microarray Substrate Slides, humidity control, peristaltic pump, air compressor, wash buffer reservoir, wash waste reservoir, Arrayit Bioinformatics Mini Computer, LED flat panel display, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and Ethernet cable. Accessories include megasonic wash station, Accessory Control Module (ACM), chiller baths, tubing, air compressors, buffer bottles, L-brackets, and other components. Wash Buffer supports both SBX and SBXPRO systems, 4 liters of 1X solution, pre-mixed, filtered and ready to use.

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