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BlockIt Plus Microarray Blocking Buffer Automation Formulation

Price: $1,459.00
Item Number: BKTPL
Arrayit® offers an advanced microarray blocking solution for automation applications designed to inactivate reactive groups remaining post-printing on SuperEpoxy 1-3, SuperAmine 1-3, SuperAldehyde 1-3 and other glass microarray substrate slide surfaces for high-throughput research and screening applications. BlockIt™ Plus Blocking Solution Automation Formulation (Cat. BKTPL) should be used in cases where a greatly reduced background is required, while maintaining full signal intensities for a wide spectrum of DNA and protein microarray applications particularly those utilizing workstations, liquid handling robots, multiplex hybridization cassettes and other high-throughput hardware and automation equipment. 1L of 1X buffer arrives pre-mixed and ready to use. Store at 4°C.

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